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Professional Landscaping Services

Professional Lawn Maintenance in Memphis, TN

E&W Lawn Care offers detail-oriented lawn maintenance in Memphis, TN. We also provide preemergent weed control and mole elimination at cost-effective rates. Our highly skilled professionals provide year-around lawn care and trimming services throughout the Memphis area. Other commercial and residential lawn care services include:

Aeration Application - Fertilizer Application - Insecticide Application - Fungicide Application - Flowerbed Maintenance

Well-Maintained Yard for All Seasons

Our licensed lawncare technician will provide you with expert guidance and application on your lawn. Your lawn needs enough nutrients to change in the fall in preparation for the cold weather ahead. For this reason, we will apply winterizer and lime on your lawn. Winterization is a preemergent application that sets up a barrier in the soil that prevents winter weeds, such as onions, chic weeds, and henbits, from germinating.

Aeration: The Secret to a Healthy Lawn

Aeration can be applied during the fall or in the spring. It plugs holes in the ground to allow more air to the soil for proper water drainage. Moreover, it removes pressure acquired over the year, making your lawn thicker and greener.

Professional Lawn Maintenance in Memphis, TN

Lawn Care Services in Memphis, TN

Make Your Lawns Beautiful & Pest-Free

Fertilizer application during the late spring season is ideal to boost stimulation and promote color as well as early growth of greenery. We also apply safe and effective insecticides to eradicate all kinds of insects that infest the lawn and restrict the foliage from growing. Fungicide, on the other hand, can be applied during mid-spring or early summer. This will help destroy fungus that can bring severe damage to your lawn when neglected. Prevent moles from destroying your yard with our mole control services. This will not only kill the moles but also destroy their source of food once and for all.


Take advantage of our affordable rates. Our lawncare services start at $35. We also offer discounts to senior clients.

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