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Fungicide Application

Professional Fungicide Application in Memphis, TN

When most people think about fungus outdoors, they usually think of mushrooms. The truth is, many different types of fungi can be found outside—and a number of them can end up damaging even the most well-maintained lawn rather quickly.  

E&W Lawn Care helps homeowners with their fungal problems by providing you with the very best in professional fungicide application in Memphis, TN. Through our preventative treatments, we help you keep your lawn healthy and disease-free. Contact us today to learn why preventative lawn maintenance is the key to quality lawn care.

Types of Fungal Diseases:

• Anthracnose – This is a two-stage fungus that first kills the leaf blades of grass before turning its focus on the turf and lower stems of the grass blades.

• Brown Patch – As the name implies, the brown patch fungus causes brown patches to form in your grass during the hot summer months.

• Dollar Spot – This fungus creates unsightly round patches of dead, bleached grass throughout your lawn.

• Leaf Spot – This is a cyclical disease that begins with lesions or spots forming on your grass before turning into rot and the death of the grass.

• Powdery Mildew – This fungus gives grass the appearance of having been sprinkled with baby powder or flour.

Why Fungicide Application Matters

It is essential to understand that fungicides cannot heal plants and grass that have already been affected by fungal disease. The best these treatments can do is stop the disease from growing further or spreading throughout the rest of your lawn.

Because of this, it is important to sign up for routine preventative treatments to keep fungus from ever growing in the first place. Reach out to our lawn care professionals to learn more about the local threats to your yard and find out how we can help you avoid them.